Knights Chronicle Cinematic Turn-Based RPG Launches in Japan

Netmarble Japan's fully voiced cinematic turn-based RPG Knights Chronicle just came out yesterday and I've been rerolling like crazy only to find out that the first 10 rolls is rigged. Holy moly, I've been waiting for this game to come out for quite some time now and was so disappointed that you can't reroll for the special "Knights" characters mentioned in the Japanese wiki. Apparently, you can get them, just super ultra mega rare.

The quality of the game is really good and the new version seems to run very smooth at 60fps this time around. It does feature an auto-play system for the lazy or busy players. As mentioned earlier, the game seems to be fully voiced though I have no idea what's going on since I skipped most of the cutscenes to get to my 2nd 10 roll faster, which you can get around to by playing through 5 chapters of the game.

I usually like to start my games full f2p and spend some money if I end up enjoying it. You'll get a free female "Knights" character named Rebecca after a month's worth of daily logins. Is it worth playing? I ended up rerolling for a couple normal non-special SS tiers characters instead of the special Knights type. After saving up another 200 gems for another 10 roll and failing, I wasn't in the mood to continue playing, at least for the day. (Updated) There are some people saying that they received a special Knight from rerolling must be less than 0.1%, is it time to reset data again? T_T I'm determined to get at least one, so time to delete this account, I think!

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